Most of what you will find here is my small collection of R functions and R scripts geared towards simulation. In all honesty, I think simulations are both an awesome way to discover new things and an excellent teaching tool. The fact of the matter is that (unless everything is already set for the user) simulating something forces you to actually think about the data-generating model that underlies the analysis. If you understand how to simulate data from scratch you probably have a better grasp of the models that you’re actually fitting, even if you just do it once and then build  a convenient function that does everything for you! XD

How to simulate data with a specified value of Cronbach’s alpha?

How to simulate  a 2-level multilevel model?

Awesome website from my friend Tyler Rinker!!!! 

How to simulate data with a population-specified Root Mean Squared Error of Approximation (RMSEA) for Structural Equation Models (SEM)?

Lawley’s test for equality of correlations