Here I will upload supplemental material (R code, Mathematica code, graphs/diagrams, simulation results, etc.) tied to publications or other work I have been doing. I consider this to be very, very important (maybe the most important section of my website) because it allows people to access and build up on work I have already done or let them evaluate it whenever they have time.

You’ll only find stuff in here that needed additional material or which was requested by a reviewer. Other pubs are available on my CV 😉

Olvera Astivia, O.L.& Zumbo, B.D. (2015). A cautionary note on the use of the Vale and Maurelli method to generate multivariate, non-normal data for simulation purposes. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 75, 541-567. <—— CLICK HERE FOR THE ACTUAL ARTICLE

Olvera Astivia, O. L. (2013). On the estimation of the polychoric correlation coefficient via Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

Astivia, O.L.O. & Kroc, E. (2022). Theoretical considerations when simulating data from the g‐and‐h family of distributions. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology (online first). <—— CLICK HERE FOR THE ACTUAL ARTICLE